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When is Lailat al Barat (Mid-Sha'ban)?

Lailat al Barat means Night of Salvation. It is celebrated on the 15th day of Sha'baan.

On this day, the Sunni's remember how God saved Moses' followers from the flood. They also believe that on this day Allah determines everyone's fate for the next year, including whether they live or die.

The Shia's believe that Muhammad al-Mahdi was born on this day. As the final Imam (one who is infallible, without sin) he is said to be the one who will bring world peace. He is said to be currently hidden from the world and will return one day with Jesus to bring world peace and justice.

Year Lailat al Barat
2013 Sunday, June 23rd
2014 Thursday, June 12th
2015 Tuesday, June 2nd
2016 Saturday, May 21st
2017 Thursday, May 11th
2018 Tuesday, May 1st
2019 Saturday, April 20th
2020 Wednesday, April 8th

*Note: these dates are based on astrological mathematical calculations that predict the visibility of the moon. The exact day of the holiday cannot be known for certain until the relevant moon is actually sighted. Predictions could be off by one day.

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