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When is Lailat al Miraj?

Lailat al Miraj is the celebration of a two-part journey Muhammad took in the year 621 known as Isra and Mi'raj.

Isra begins with the angel Gabriel bringing Muhammad a winged steed (Buraq) on which he flew to the farthest Temple (likely the Temple Mount on Jerusalem). Here, he prays with other prophets.

After that, the journey of Miraj begins. He flys to the heavens and meets with other prophets like Abraham and Moses, and Jesus. Allah commands that Muslims must pray 50 times a day; however, Mohammad was able to persuade Allah to reduce His command to 5 times a day.

Year Lailat al Miraj
2013 Thursday, June 6th
2014 Monday, May 26th
2015 Friday, May 15th
2016 Wednesday, May 4th
2017 Monday, April 24th
2018 Friday, April 13th
2019 Tuesday, April 2nd
2020 Saturday, March 21st

*Note: these dates are based on astrological mathematical calculations that predict the visibility of the moon. The exact day of the holiday cannot be known for certain until the relevant moon is actually sighted. Predictions could be off by one day.


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