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When is Passover (Pesach)?

While the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians, Egypt suffered 10 plagues from G-d. The final plague was the killing of all of Egypt's first born children. However, the Jews were instructed to mark their doors with spring lamb blood. The Holy Spirit would see this mark and "pass over" this house, sparing the Jewish first-born. After this, Pharaoh released the Jews from slavery.

Passover celebrates the sparing of their first born, and their freedom from slavery by Egypt. Unleavened bread is eaten to remember that the Jews left Egypt so quickly that they did not have time let their bread rise.

Passover Dates

Year Starts on Sunset on In Israel, ends at Sunset on Outside of Israel, ends at Sunset on
2013 Monday, March 25th Monday, April 1st Tuesday, April 2nd
2014 Monday, April 14th Monday, April 14th Tuesday, April 22nd
2015 Friday, April 3rd Friday, April 10th Saturday, April 11th
2016 n Friday, April 22nd Friday, April 29th Satuday, April 30th
2017 Monday, April 10th Monday, April 17th Tuesday, April 18th
2018 Friday, March 30th Friday, April 6th Saturday, April 7th
2019 Friday, April 19th Friday, April 26th Saturday April 27th
2020 Wednesday, April 8th Wednesday, April 15th Saturday April 16th

* This holiday is celebrated for 7 days inside of Israel and for 8 days outside of Israel.

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