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When is Shavuot?

Shavuot (Shavu'ot, Festival of Weeks) celebrates the giving of the Torah by Moses at Mount Sinai. It is also the first day that fruits can be harvested and brought to the Temple. The date is determined by counting 7 weeks from the second day of Passover.

Celebrating this holiday can include staying up all night to study the Torah and praying in the morning, consuming dairy products, decorating with greeneries, and hosting Confirmation for tenth graders.

Shavuot Dates

Year Starts on Sunset on Ends at Sunset on
2013 Tuesday, May 16th Wednesday, May 15th
2014 Tuesday, June 3rd Wednesday, June 4th
2015 Satuday, May 23rd Sunday, May 24th
2016 Satuday, June 11th Sunday, June 12th
2017 Tuesday, May 30th Wednesday, May 31st
2018 Saturday, May 19th. Sunday, May 20
2019 Saturday, June 8th Sunday, June 9th
2020 Thursday, May 28th Friday, May 29th

* While this is technically a one day holiday, some but not all Jews outside of Israel celebrate it for two.

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