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When is Tisha Bav?

Tisha Bav (Tisha B'Av) is perhaps the saddest day in Jewish history. On this day there is no eating, drinking (even water), bathing, shaving, wearing make-up, or having sex.

After scouts returned from the promise land, many lost faith in entering Israel. As punishment, G-d decreed that the current generation would never enter, and that in the future this day will be a day of tragedy for the Jews.

There have been many tragic events on this day. In 586 BCE, the First Temple was destroyed. In 70CE, the Second Temple was destroyed. The Jews were expelled form England in 1290, from Spain in 1492, and 1942 started to be deported during World War II.

Tisha Bav Dates

Year Starts on Sunset on Ends at Sunset on
2013 Monday, July 15th Tuesday, July 16th
2014 Monday, August 4th Tuesday, August 5th
2015 Saturday, July 25th Sunday, July 26th
2016 Saturday, August 13th Sunday, August 14th
2017 Monday, July 31st Tuesday, August 1st
2018 Saturday, July 21st Sunday, July 22nd.
2019 Saturday, August 10th Sunday, August 11th
2020 Wednesday, July 29th Thursday, July 30

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