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When is Christmas?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is a day of Church-going, gift-giving, and family gathering. Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th.

The actual birthday of Jesus is unknown. A late December celebration was selected to offer an alternative to the Winter Solstice celebrations.

Christmas Day is always celebrated on December 25th. However, while the Western Churches use the modern Gregorian Calendar, the Eastern Churches tend to use the older Julian Calendar. December 25th on the Julian calendar is January 7th on the Gregorian.

[W]e hold this (Christmas) day Holy, not like the pagans because of the Birth of the Sun, but because of the birth of him who made it"

- St Augustine


Western Church

(includes Catholic and Protestant)

Eastern Orthodox Church

(often includes Greek and Russian)

2013 Wednesday, December 25th Monday, January 7th
2014 Thursday, December 25th Tuesday, January 7th
2015 Friday, December 25th Wednesday, January 7th
2016 Sunday, December 25th Thursday, January 7th
2017 Monday, December 25th Saturday, January 7th
2018 Tuesday, December 25th Sunday, January 7th
2019 Wednesday, December 25th Monday, January 7th
2020 Friday, December 25th Tuesday, January 7th

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