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When is Easter?

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus three days after his Crucifixion.

Easter is the Sunday after the annual Paschal Full Moon (PFM). The PFM is the the first ecclesiastical full moon of the northern spring.

The date of Easter is determined this way so that every Easter is celebrated during the same season and with the same relationship to the full moon that preceded His resurrection.

Easter Dates


Western Church

(includes Catholic and Protestant)

Eastern Orthodox Church

(often includes Greek and Russian)

2013 March 31st May 5th
2014 April 20th April 20th
2015 April 5th April 12th
2016 March 27th May 1st
2017 April 16th April 16th
2018 April 1st April 8th
2019 April 21st April 28th
2020 April 12th April 19th

Note: The two bodies of Churches use different calendars to calculate Easter. While the Western Churches use the modern Gregorian Calendar, the Eastern Churches tend to use the older Julian Calendar.

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