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When is Lent?

Lent is the celebration of the 40 days before Easter It is a time for fasting and prayer to prepare one for Easter

The Western Churches start Lent on Ash Wednesday

The Eastern Rite Catholics start Lent on Clean Monday (the Monday two days before Ash Wednesday)

Eastern Orthodox Churches use the older Julian calendar to calculate the date of Clean Monday, which for them is the first day of Lent


Western Church

(includes Catholic and Protestant)

Eastern Rite Catholics

Eastern Orthodox Church

(often includes Greek and Russian)

2013 Ash Wednesday, February 13th Clean Monday, February 11th Clean/Ash Monday, March 18th
2014 Ash Wednesday, March 5th Clean Monday, March 3rd Clean/Ash Monday, March 3rd
2015 Ash Wednesday, February 18th Clean Monday, February 16th Clean/Ash Monday, February 23rd
2016 Ash Wednesday, February 10th Clean Monday, February 8th Clean/Ash Monday, March 14th
2017 Ash Wednesday, March 1st Clean Monday, February 27th Clean/Ash Monday, February 27th
2018 Ash Wednesday, February 14th Clean Monday, February 12th Clean/Ash Monday, February 19th
2019 Ash Wednesday, March 6th Clean Monday, March 4th Clean/Ash Monday, March 11
2020 Ash Wednesday, February 26th Clean Monday, February 24th Clean/Ash Monday, March 2nd

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